Are you going on a family trip? Look no further than our Southport Apartments when booking your next holiday. Harbourside Resort offers studio, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments complete with everything you need including easy access to several amazing family attractions.

In fact, there’s one that offers a high-tech family adventure and another that has four thrilling and exciting experiences in one location. Interested?

First on the list is the Holoverse!

Holoverse is the very first hologram arcade in the world. It opened its doors in 2017 and features many amazing holographic rooms. You can fight alien monsters, swim with holographic turtles, and more. Take note, only one user can enter the Hologram Rooms at a time. The Holograms can only be seen by the person wearing the equipment – glasses and belt provided by Holoverse.

Also, each holographic session lasts about 30 minutes. If you book more than one session, you can request a short break in between.

But if you don’t like being alone, no worries because Holoverse also features a new entertainment device. It’s called the Hologram Arcade Table and it is designed for two people. Moreover, Hologram Arcade Table players only need to wear a set of wireless and lightweight glasses. So you can play with your friend with ease.

So what are the games, you ask? Hologram Arcade Tables features several games with different themes perfect for all ages. All their games are built around a 3-button control system. Take note, the Holoverse in-house team of developers release a new game every 2 months. Also, Holoverse is adding a new Hologram Room called the Dinosaur experience very soon

Second on the list is the Sling Shot Gold Coast Fun Park.

This fun park features four thrilling and exciting experiences starting with the Sling Shot. The name of the ride pretty much explains it. So you take a sit and strapped for safety then you are catapulted vertically at over 160 kilometres per hour. If you love this kind of ride, you’ll also love their Vomatron ride.

So this ride is based on the machine that astronauts use when training at Cape Canaveral but the Vomatron ride is powered by two huge electric motors. Two riders are carefully seated and then the giant 45m arm rotates reaching a velocity of 120km/hr, an altitude of 45m plus and 4g acceleration. But it does not end there. The ride also spins in reverse at the same degree.

When you’re done with these adrenaline-pumping rides, it's time to experience the Bungy Trampolines. Test your somersaulting skills! You can bounce and flip forwards and backwards and have fun.

Besides these, the Sling Shot Gold Coast Fun Park also has a western themed mini golf. The mini golf has 18 holes with a variety interesting surroundings and lights making them even more fun for players. There is no age or height requirement here so you can play with the whole family.

Are you ready to experience a high-tech family adventure and those adrenaline-pumping rides? Check and book our affordable Gold Coast accommodation today!




+ Discounted Rates
+ Large Pool & Spa
+ On-site Tennis Court
+ Broadwater Views
+ Close Location to Sea World
+ Minimum booking from 3 nights